I’m an English major in college with a serious passion for food in all forms – eating, cooking, looking, whatever. I experienced a “duh” moment in December 2010 when I realized that keeping a food blog could combine two of my favorite things: food and writing. I believe that you should eat food that you WANT to eat, but in moderation. Therefore, you will find recipes here that are foods I enjoy and are not always necessarily “health conscious.” I believe food is an indulgence and that if eaten in reasonable amounts, indulgence is a good thing.

Happy girl in Napa!

In addition to being food obsessed, I also am a very active member of my sorority at school.  I work two internships, both in public relations (one with the Davis Farmers Market!), and I absolutely love them! I am only slightly obsessed with Yelp, vodka tonics, and movie trailers, and I will never say no to a marathon of Arrested Development.  When I’m not cooking, I can be found hanging out with my insane roommates (who also serve as my guinea pigs for new recipes).

going on four years with these girls!

Davis family

I encourage and welcome any questions or comments! I love talking with fellow food bloggers about my passion for drooling over recipes.


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  1. Jennifer Bentham says:

    hi mandy

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