Because I knew I would be in the Bay Area all this previous weekend (see my most recent entry about my now beloved Absinthe), I had to make plans to explore the food that SF has to offer.  Obviously I called upon my friend Albano, who enjoys food possibly more than I do and whom I ventured to Mission Cheese with this summer.  Conveniently he is a member of the wine club at Wattle Creek Winery in Ghiradelli Square, and is able to participate in free tastings with guests.  This is why I keep him around.

a photogenic bunch

Just kidding, Albano – I keep you because you pay for me when my debit card doesn’t work!

Andrew was a good sport, and joined us on our foodie date.  It was a beautiful day in SF, perfect for drinking too much wine and pretending to be sophisticated.  Wattle Creek is an interesting place; while the winery is based in the Alexander Valley, they have a small tasting room located in Ghiradelli Square.  I have never done a tasting before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed myself here.  The man who did the pouring for us was extremely knowledgeable about wine and (probably more importantly), really friendly.  We did a tasting of about 12 different wines (small pours, I promise), starting from light and moving to dark.  He was very patient with us, and was happy to explain the different notes in the wine (although, how can wine taste like creme brulee, really?? or butterscotch?? it’s made of GRAPES).  I don’t know a lot about wine (except that I like to drink it), but all the wines were very good and were I not a Two Buck Chuck faithful at this stage in my life, I would have bought a bottle or four.

i believe this was the tail end of my Malbec - one of my favorite wines

After we felt we had drank a sufficient amount of vino, we ventured around the wharf area to find somewhere to eat.  Originally I was all about going into the Marina to eat at Delarosa (I WILL go there someday soon), but after 12+ pours of wine, no one really wanted to drive over there.  I am kind of a snob when it comes to Fisherman’s Wharf because I feel like it is pretty pricy for food that is just okay, but we ended up at a place called Lou’s Pier 47, and I was pretty pleasantly surprised.

second time having mussels in less than 24 hours...i'm okay with that

Andrew got a hamburger (obvi), so Albano and I split an appetizer and an entree.  First, we got the steamed mussels, with garlic, onion, tomato, white wine, and parsley.  These were good!  Two of the mussels didn’t open, which was sad, but the broth was really tasty, and perfect for dipping my bread in.

more shellfish

For our entree, we ordered the gumbo – shrimp, mussels, fish, and oysters in a blonde roux served over rice.  At $20 a plate, there is no way I would get this for myself, but they were nice enough to split it into two bowls, and half of this was more than enough.  It was also really good – I loved the spices and the rice was nice and tender without being mushy.

We finished off the afternoon by driving down Lombard Street like true tourists, before heading back home to San Mateo.  Looking forward to my next foodie adventure in SF!

the viewwwwww


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