So, I’m a little behind in recipes, but I do have a little piece of exciting news below.  I’ve been pretty busy this week – it was my best friend Amanda’s 21st birthday last night, so I went out in San Francisco with a bunch of friends from high school.  It was so so awesome getting to see my best girlfriends that I grew up with, and there truly is nothing like getting together with old friends.

my ladies

I’ll be in the Bay Area this weekend, so (hopefully) will have some new restaurant related posts coming up in the next few days!

In other exciting news, today I had an article in the Davis Enterprise!  I wrote it for my internship with the Farmers’ Market, and am so excited that I got a byline in the newspaper.  The article actually concerns something pretty exciting: the world premiere of a documentary about the Davis Farmers Market! You can find a trailer for the film here.

I am recently realizing how lucky I am to live in Davis.  I have always absolutely loved the college town feel, but secretly felt the food scene was pretty limited.  I now know that is extremely untrue.  The emphasis put on local and sustainable ingredients in the agricultural based community here is pretty inspiring, and it definitely pushes me to be more thoughtful and conscious when selecting ingredients to make recipes and cook with.  Plus, Sacramento has some pretty good restaurants only 20 minutes away, while San Francisco and Napa (two of my favorite culinary destinations) are both about an hours drive!  I get more thankful every day to be living in Davis, and I am excited to experience more that the food scene – and farmers’ market! – has to offer me in my last year here (sad).



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  1. Ann says:

    Congratulations on getting your article published! I’m off to check it out now!! Yay!

  2. Cater To Me says:

    Thank you, Ann! It was pretty exciting!

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  4. […] friend (and polar opposite) Sara, Andrew (who entertains my food ramblings), my wonderfully crazy high school friends, and my roommates (including Jen!), who have seen me through four years of highs and lows. […]

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