Okay, so sometimes recipes don’t necessarily have to be just food!  Sometimes, let’s just say hypothetically, you see this recipe (and it’s not even a recipe really, more like a revelation) on watermelon juice.  And you’re like, duh, why didn’t I think of that? And then, your mind goes crazy thinking of things to do with it.  Thankfully, I went to a potluck tonight hosted by some friends from my sorority, so I had the perfect venue in which to use my juice.

watermelon = summer

I love, love, love cocktails made with real fruit juice.  They are infinitely better than ones made with store bought fruit juice or soda, and they are (slightly) better for you.  To me, fresh fruit cocktails epitomize summer, and the great thing about them is how easy they are! I threw this together in about 10 minutes with the help of my wonderful food processor, and it was a hit at the potluck!  This was probably one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had, and reminded me slightly of my beloved vodka tonics, with a little exciting twist.


Side note: this would probably be even better with a little fresh mint, but sadly the store was out.  Feel free to add some!

winning combo

Watermelon Lime Spritzer 

Serves about 8

  • 2 small watermelons, cut up
  • juice of six limes
  • pinch of sugar
  • 1 cup tonic water
  • 1 cup vodka
  • ice


Start by putting your cut up watermelon in a food processor.


i cheated (again) and used trader joes watermelon, pre cut. sorry im not sorry.

You could also  do this in a blender.  Blend the watermelon until completely smooth.  Using a bowl to catch the juice, press the watermelon through a sieve to get out the lumps and seeds!


Put some ice in a pitcher.  Pour the vodka in the pitcher, along with your newly made watermelon juice, lemon juice, and tonic water.  Mix vigorously, and then add a sprinkle of sugar to the mixture.  Stir.

cocktail time!

Serve up, and enjoy! Believe me, you will want seconds.



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