Since I enjoy going out to eat so much, and as you have probably noticed am pretty opinionated about food as well as food pictures, I thought that it might be time to start writing about restaurants more.  My (very ambitious) goal is to try the majority of restaurants in Davis before graduating (NEXT YEAR AHHH), so what better place to document my adventures than here.  I always feel a little awkward taking out a camera at meals, but for the sake of the blog (and food porn) its something I can get over.

Last night, I went to Bistro 33 with my roommates and some friends.  Since we went mainly for mojitos (new obsession), this post will really only cover those, as well as appetizers.  I’ve eaten at Bistro multiple times before, and I have mixed reviews about dinner and lunch there, however I really enjoy mojito night there – $12 for mojito pitchers (about 3 drinks) a pitcher is an awesome deal in my opinion.

pitcher of yum

You can order the pitchers in a lot of different flavors, the ones that I can remember are: dragonberry (basically strawberry), peach, lime, lemon, raspberry, and of course, regular.  We ordered peach, regular and dragonberry – out of the three, peach is by far my favorite.  It is SO refreshing and not too sweet at all, while the dragonberry is slightly syrupy and sweet.  The only complaint I have is that the drinks are much weaker when you buy them in pitchers than when you  buy drinks individually at regular price, but I guess that is to be expected.


Along with the pitchers, I split some appetizers with my roommate Sydney.  We ordered the Kobe sliders and the sweet potato fries.  The sliders are AMAZING.  Kobe beef, Gouda Goat cheese (THE BEST CHEESE EVER INVENTED, EVER), fried onions and baby greens on a toasted bun.  They are the perfect little bites, and the burger is cooked perfectly, complimented by the melty cheese and crispy onions.  Noms, indeed.

sad fries

The sliders came with some regular french fries, which were okay.  Sydney really liked them, but I am to partial large, crispy fries, and these were skinny and not that crispy.

sydders with her fries

The sweet potato fries we got were, as always, really good.  I pretty much always get them when I come to Bistro, and have begun to prefer them to regular fries.  These come with three different dipping sauces: vinegar (YUM SO GREAT), blue cheese (obviously delicious) and peach ketchup (I do not enter a ten foot radius of any kind of ketchup, so I can not tell you how this sauce is).

So, in all, the food and drinks were good, and sitting outside on the patio in the beautiful weather was even better.  This has become kind of a Thursday tradition for our Spring Quarter, and its by far one of my favorite parts of the week.


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  1. Leslie says:

    I LOVE the Bistro!!! The pics make me want to go back! Love the Kobe sliders and the sweet potato fries!

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  3. mandybeck says:

    I always make my dad take me to Bistro whenever he comes to visit…their breakfast is really good too!

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  5. […] I’ve mentioned before, there is a restaurant in Davis called Bistro 33 that has AWESOME mojitos, my favorite flavor of which is peach.  They use peach flavored rum […]

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