I made a sandwich today.  It was really easy, and really fast but best of all it was SO GOOD.  I generally don’t eat sandwiches (I kind of hate them) but I’m making dinner for my dad tonight and didn’t want to make anything fancy for lunch.  My dad gave me a bunch of money to go grocery shopping (hi DAD!) for the next few weeks while I am wasting away back home, and I picked up some french bread, prosciutto and Cabot sharp cheddar.  The sandwich was salty, melty, and crunchy just the way it should be, and it might have changed my views on sandwiches forever.


not your average pb and j

Sharp Cheddar and Prosciutto Sandwich

(Serves one)

  • 2 slices prosciutto
  • thinly sliced Sharp Cabot cheese (huge chunks of cheese freak me out)
  • olive oil
  • french bread baguette
  • pepper

Slice your baguette the length you want your sandwich to be, and then slice it in half so you have two sandwich halves.  I bought this baguette without realizing that there were herds sprinkled on top, and I think that really added something good so if possible, look for that when buying your baguette.  Brush olive oil on both sides of the baguette and sprinkle black pepper on the bread to your liking.  Add the cheese! Lots of it.


deliciousness in progress

After adding your cheese, put the slices of prosciutto on the sandwich and place the slices of bread on a panini press or grill (I used a George Foreman grill).



The cheese wasn’t melting like I wanted it to, so I assembled the sandwich and pressed it between the grill plates until it obtained maximum meltiness.  I took it off the grill and…



ENJOYED! I drank a limonata with this sandwich and it was the perfect lunch.  Next time I might add some basil for a little more taste, but it was also perfect as is.


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